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Gift set for sauna

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A true wet sauna experience is unimaginable without birch! BIRZĪ, as an expert of birch tree, has created a sauna set that will inspire and delight even the most experienced wet sauna fans!

-two aromatic birch brooms that were made around Summer Solstice, then stored in a dark, dry place to give you the best sauna experience

- perhaps the best refreshment for sauna – our sparkling birch sap BIRZĪ with peppermint

- the cooling BIRZĪ flower water spray full with summer meadow scents (can be safely used on the face)

When ordering this set, please indicate in the comment which flower water you choose. If you don't specify, it's okay - we'll choose for – they are all beautiful!

See the flowers waters here:

Customer Reviews

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Rebeka J.

Iznāca super skaista dāvana, vienīgais mīnuss - žēl, ka pirts slotiņas kastē bija salocītas kastes formā, būtu bijis patīkamāk saņemt nesalocītas. Neskaitot to, paldies par ieguldīto darbu! Sūtīšu vēl!❤️