Birch sap

Birch water called sap is tapped from birch trees in early spring. The roots of the birch take water from the deepest layers of the earth. On its path through the tree's trunk, the sap enriches with minerals and carbohydrates. Once tapped, it can be enjoyed fresh or used to produce delicious birch sap products.
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What is Birch sap good for

Packed with amino acids, minerals, enzymes, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins (C and B) – birch sap is valued for its detoxifying, diuretic, cleansing and purifying properties. Many people include fresh birch sap it in their healthy detox diet as well as use it in skin care.
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Delicious products we make from Birch sap

Besides fresh birch sap collected early spring, we offer our customers other delicious sap products – different types of sparkling birch sap, birch sap syrup used in gourmet kitchens, and a strong alcoholic beverage – birch sap balsam (40%).
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