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BIRZĪ balsam- strong alcoholic beverage, 0.5 l

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BIRZĪ balsam is an exclusive drink that is bottled in 0,5l glass bottles with an original shape. This strong alcoholic drink is the essence of birch sap in various forms - birch sap moonshine, birch sap syrup, fresh birch sap, as well as ingredients of natural origin that are kept strictly in secret. It has slightly roasted, smoky, and mildly sweet and sour notes. The drink is produced once per year and in exclusively small amounts- only 1000 bottles. Each bottle has its number. BIRZĪ balsam can be used on its own or as an ingredient in cocktails. Alcohol 40% If you are under 18, we cannot sell, and you cannot purchase this alcoholic beverage. Upon delivery, the customer has to provide the person's ID.