Melnās lēcas ar ābolu sīrupu.

Black lentils with apple syrup.

Black or Beluga jumps 300 gr

Crispy goat cheese or feta cheese

Tomatoes 2pcs

Onion 1 pc

Bale cloves 2 pcs

On average carrots 2 pcs

BIRZĪ apple juice syrup

Optional green lettuce (arugula, spinach, beet leaves or other)



Boil the lenses according to the instructions on the package. Cut the onion and garlic in parallel and fry in butter (can be replaced with frying oil). Add the carrots, cut into thin slices or grated, and sauté together, adding apple syrup (about 1 tbsp) and salt. Saute until carrots become soft. Then add the boiled black lentils and sliced tomatoes. Stir everything and allow to cook for a few minutes. Place on a plate, add arugula, spinach and / or beet leaves (green salad of your choice). Put the feta or goat cheese in pieces and pour a small amount of BIRZI apple syrup (similar to salad dressing).

For meat lovers, we recommend supplementing the dish with slices of bacon baked in a pan.

Basmati rice is also very good for this dish if you want to increase the amount of food.

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