We invite you to visit our production site. We are located in Smiltene, Branti parish, household „ Kainaiži” where we have our production facilities with cellar where we produce and keep sparkling birch sap „BIRZĪ”. We will tell you everything we know about birch sap (video projections and photos from birch sap harvests in springtime) and offer you different kinds of birch sap from fresh to sparkling with various flavours. Also you will have a chance to taste the unique birch sap syrup, the production of which is a time and sap consuming process as well as wines from birch sap or dandelion. Also you will have possibility to visit First sap trees park in the world where grows only trees which sap can be consumed as food. „ BIRZĪ” products are organically certified. All of „ BIRZĪ” products can be purchased to take with you.

We offer tastings for groups of 10 to 30 people, prior reservation has to be made. Price per person 5 EUR + VAT (children up to 7 years of age free of charge). Duration of visit 1-1.5 h. Possible languages for tasting - Latvian, Russian, English. Also, in cases of individual visits, please contact the owner.

If you have any questions, Ervins Labanovskis will be happy to answer to them ([email protected], mob.29199982).

Sparkling Birch Sap production facilities "BIRZĪ", Branti Parish, Smiltene District 57°23'05.3"N 25°42'09.7"E


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