Birch sap:

Birch takes water from the deepest layers of the earth, so it is clean. Then in its path through the tree, sap is  enriched with minerals and carbohydrates. Structured water, which is in the sap does not stay in the body, it washes out the toxins, is urine impellent,  facilitates recovery of the body, regulates weight, improves immunity, supplies body cells with organic acids, improves metabolism, cleans kidneys, rinses salt precipitation from the bone joints, cleanses the blood of excess substances and performs much more body-friendly and healing functions. It can even serve as a preventive measure against cancer.
Sap contains protein, amino acids, a number of valuable minerals as well as  electrolytes and enzymes necessary for the body. It also contains saponin that can effectively reduce elevated cholesterol levels and it has anti-inflammatory effect.
Birch sap can be used not only for drinking, but for skin care as well. It is healthy to wash face with fresh birch sap or use it instead of a face lotion. It improves skin colour and elasticity. In addition, birch sap can protect  and prepare skin for the active spring sun. >>

About BIRZI:

Birch sap for Labanovski family is a popular drink already for a long time. Sap is tasty when it’s fresh, but in order to maintain its refreshing and valuable qualities,  during many years family has developed new recipes.  Moving away from the traditional spices, drink was supplemented with mint, which made the sap more refreshing, fresh for a long time and with a pleasant flavor.
The whole process of making the sparkling sap starts early in spring as soon as the ground thaws and sap starts to circulate through birches. Sap collected within three weeks from ecologically certified birches is being bottled, natural additives added and as result of  fermentation we get sparkling birch sap - BIRZI. It sparkles, additives do not dominante over sap’s natural flavor but gives it additional pleasant note.
BIRZI is an excellent thirst-killer, ideal for celebrations as non-alcoholic champagne, a pleasant ingredient in refreshing cocktails.
The title  BIRZI  was chosen because we associate it with Latvian tradition and with freshness and health which you will receive by drinking our sap.

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Shops: Rimi barn, Prizma, SKY, Stockman, Idille, Solo (Cesis), ELVI (Sigulda, Marupe, Kekava and Adazi), Abra, Spirits and wine, Airport RIX – in tax free shop, beer shops „Valmiermuiža”, Meat house (Jekabpils), bread shops „Lāči”, „Garšas pietura” (Lielvarde and Ogre), and „Zemenītes sniegā”.
Restaurants: „36 līnija” (Jurmala), „Promenāde” (Liepaja), „Ostas skati”, „Beabasil” (Jugla), „Aparjods” (Sigulda), „Kukabura” (highway Vidzeme), „Zoste” (Berga Bazaar), „Neiburgs”  (Old Riga).



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BIRZI products:

Peppermint BIRZI

Peppermint BIRZI:

Slightly fermented, sparkling birch sap with a peppermint leaf. Mint adds freshness to flavour, making it very refreshing.

Ingredients: birch sap, mint leaf, sugar. Does not contain preservatives.

Festive BIRZI

Festive BIRZI:

Slightly fermented, sparkling birch sap, which contains karkade tea (red hibiscus) and cloves. Karkade tea perfectly fits together with birch sap characteristic taste, while cloves give a special festive mood to the drink.

Ingredients: birch sap, karkade tea, cloves, sugar. Does not contain preservatives


BIRZI with blackcurrant buds:

Slightly fermented, sparkling birch sap with blackcurrant buds. Buds add flavour to the sap and give a pleasant spring note to the taste.

Ingredients: birch sap, blackcurrant buds, sugar. Does not contain preservatives.

Citronu BIRZĪ

Lemon BIRZI:

Slightly fermented, sparkling birch sap with a lemon peel which gives it additional flavour and makes it refreshing.

Ingredients: birch sap, lemon peel, sugar. Does not contain preservatives. Biologically certified.


Sweet Birzi:

Slightly fermented, sparkling birch sap with natural sweetener – stevia. Sap with a pleasant sweet and refreshing taste.

Ingredients: birch sap, stevia. Does not contain preservatives.

sirupsBirch sap syrup:

During the process of slow steaming of the birch sap we get the syrup in a few days. Natural sugars of the sap caramelizes while heating and syrup acquires a dark brown color. Birch sap syrup is a unique product with an unusual sweet-sour taste. For use as a food additive.

Ingredients: birch sap syrup. Does not contain preservatives.


100% apple syrup!

In October we collect apple harvest - different sorts of autumn apples which are juicy and sour-sweet. We wash, chop and squeeze juice out of them, which is then steamed until the syrup's consistency is reached. Apple syrup contains only natural apple sugar without any other additives. Suitable for salad dressing and sauces. 


Meadowsweet syrup!

In July, right after the dew has fallen and just before the Sun has started extracting essential oils from flowers and plants, we gather baskets full of meadowsweet flowers. The essence of these picturesques flowers is turned into syrup which we offer as an additive for the preparation of various dishes. Add it as a sweetener for tea, pour it over pancakes, ice cream and cakes. Or use it elsewhere where the soursweet taste of meadowsweet can supplement the taste!


BIRZĪ sparkling birch sap in 10 liter Kegs!

BIRZĪ sparkling birch sap with blackcurrant buds in 10 liter Kegs. For restaurants and catering service.

Dāvanu kaste

Gift box!

Decorative gift box - "BIRZI in a frame!". According to customer’s wishes, two different or of the same flavour BIRZI bottles can be put in BIRZI frame. Stickers or stamps with your logo on the BIRZI frame is a way to make this a good personalized coorporate gift!

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